Repatriation of Human Remains to Sri Lanka

If the deceased person is a Sri Lankan National or ex-Sri Lankan following documents should be certified from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country that the death occurred and needed to send to the Embassy for obtain approval from Sri Lanka Customs Department and Sri Lanka Immigration and Emigration Department.

Documents needed to take away human remains to Sri Lanka.

  1. Request from the applicant (Who must be an immediate family member of the deceased. If any immediate family member not available at the country of residence, immediate family member in Sri Lanka should forward the request letter through the Consular Affairs Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  2. Passport of the applicant who is accompanying the coffin/ashes.
  3. Sri Lankan Passport of the deceased person.
  4. Sri Lankan birth certificate of the deceased person
  5. Death certificate issued by the respective authority in the country of residence. (with English translation)
  6. Certificate of cremation (if applicable)
  7. Freight certificate issued by the company who is responsible for transportation of coffin/ashes
  8. Extract from the population register issued for the deceased from the respective country.
  9. Document to prove the relationship to the person accompanied the coffin/ashes to the deceased person (birth/marriage certificate. If the person accompanied the coffin/ashes is not a relative of deceased, an immediate family member should issue an authorization letter or an affidavit to the person who accompanied the coffin/ashes)
  10. Flight details (If available)


Please note that the course of death should be clearly indicated at the death certificate. (Sri Lankan Health/Quarantine authorities strictly check this when a coffin is reach to the country)

Deceased person must be a Sri Lankan Citizen.

All above document should forward to the Embassy enabling us to forward to respective Sri Lankan authorities. Department of Immigration & Emigration and the Department of Customs will issue relevant permissions in this regard. This Embassy will keep informed the applicant. 

Submission of documents

  • If a death occurred in Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania, request for repatriation of human remains should be forwarded to the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Sweden, Stockholm.

Ways to submit the application:


You may submit the application to the Consular Division of the Embassy by hand or post. Consular Division open from Monday to Friday except holidays (09.00 a.m. – 01.00 p.m.). Please obtain an online appointment from embassy website prior to visit to the Embassy to ensure the priority service.

Visiting Address:

Embassy of Sri Lanka

Strandvägen 39, Ground Floor

SE-114 56 Stockholm


Getting Service through post:

  1. All the original documents / applications must attach and applicant must sign in front of the Honorary Consul appointed by the Government of Sri Lanka for the particular country or region. Applicant must ensure that the Honorary Consul signed at the relevant places of all the documents / Applications.
  2. Applications are required to post to the following address. (Please do not address the cover to personal names of the staff members of the Embassy). Please note that Embassy will NOT take any responsibility to the documents which has NOT duly received to the Embassy Premises.


Mailing Address:

Embassy of Sri Lanka

P.O.Box 24055

SE-114 56




  1. General Contact Details of the Embassy:

Only During 09.00 to 13.00 Hours from Monday to Friday except Holidays

Tel: +46 (8) 663 65 23/25



  1. Consular Affairs Division of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ceylinco building, Janathipathi Mawataha, Colombo 01. Sri Lanka. Tel no;+94112446302,+94338843



  1. Department of Immigration & Emigration of Sri Lanka

Overseas Missions Division


Sri Subhuthipura Road,


Sri Lanka.


Tel +94 11 5329230 Ext 9230

Fax +94 11 2879213