Application for a Passport for a new-born child/ first-time passport (under 16-years of age)


Children born to Sri Lankan parents by descent or by registration can apply for a Sri Lankan Passport.

At least one parent must be a Sri Lankan Citizen at the birth of the Child.



  • The applicant/declarant should be the child’s parent/legal guardian.
  • The child and both parents should be present to hand over the application.
  • For minor applicants who are unable to sign, parents can write a part of the child’s name (first name preferable) in the signature cages. (Parents must not place their signature or write their name on the child’s passport application)
  • As per the current regulations of the Department of Immigration and Emigration, Sri Lanka, the validity period of the passports issued to children below age of 16 at the time of issuance of passport has been restricted for 3 years.
  • However, the parents may provide a written request for the issuance of a passport with 10-year validity for their child under the age of 16-years. The issuance of a 10-year valid passport for a minor is subject to the approval of the issuing Authority.
  • For submission of Late Birth & Citizenship Registrations for children born outside Sri Lanka whose Birth & Citizenship has not been registered within 12-months of child birth, the application for a passport for your child will only be accepted and processed once the Embassy has issued the birth certificate of your child upon the approval of the birth registration from the Registrar Department of Sri Lanka.
  • Therefore, you are requested to handover an application for a passport only once the birth certificate for your child has been issued, along with the child’s Citizenship certificate and/or payment receipt for the Citizenship application.
  • You may contact the Embassy’s Consular Division to obtain guidance on the submission of the passport application for your child upon the completion of the birth registration.

Fee for a New-born/First-time passport for a minor (under 16-years)

  • Minor passport (under 16-years with validity 03-years) – SEK 1225
  • Minor passport (under 16-years with validity 10-years ) – SEK 1500 (a letter requesting the issuance of a 10-year valid passport should be submitted by parents).


Other fee applicable:

Please refer details on posting of documents by the Embassy for those opting for Remote Consular Services on “Services to Sri Lankan Citizens”.

  • Postage within Sweden – SEK 140 (single service fee)
  • Postage outside of Sweden – SEK 180 (single service fee)


Administrative charges :

  • Photocopies taken by the Embassy in case of non-submission of copies of original documents) – SEK 50
  • Bank fee (cross border transfer) – SEK 50

Following documents are required to be submitted

Originals with 01 set of photocopies from each on one side of A4 size paper along with the duly completed Form K 35 A application.

  1. Duly completed passport application Form- “K35A”

Filled-in block capital English letters.

Please refer to trilingual instructions on (Downloads)

  1. Four clear coloured photographs as per the specifications for Sri Lankan passport photos (Downloads).

– The Photographs must meet the specifications indicated by the guidelines mentioned.

  1. Current passports of the parents OR attested copies by the Honorary Consul of the country of residence. (Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania & Gothenburg, Sweden)
  2. Original birth certificate/consular birth certificate of the child OR attested copy of the birth certificate by the Honorary Consul of the country of residence.

– Please note that an original birth certificate or a certified copy of the original birth certificate should be issued by the Registrar General Department/ District Secretariat/ Divisional Secretariat only.

-English translation of the birth certificate nor e-DAS attested copy shall be considered as the original.

-Photocopies certified by the other parties and translators will not be accepted.

  1. If the child was born outside Sri Lanka, Citizenship Certificate or attested copy by the Honorary Consul of the country of residence OR Payment Receipt for Citizenship (if applying for the first time).
  2. Valid residence permit OR attested copy of the residence permit card by the Honorary Consul of the country of residence of the child (if available) and of both parents.

-If the applicant is currently in the process of visa extension/renewal, a letter/status of the visa application from the resident country’s Migration Agency should be submitted. The letter must be in English/an English translation, counter-authenticated by the Foreign Ministry of the country of residence.

– Photocopies certified by the other parties and translators will not be accepted

  1. Foreign passport of the child (if one parent is a foreign national) OR attested copy the foreign passport by the Honorary Consul of the country of residence.
  2. Consent letter signed by both parents. Both Parents must sign the consent letter for the child.

– A Passport with validity for 10 years for a child under 16 years of age is issued with a special request from the parents. (Downloads)

– Other appropriate documents (such as decision of the court if parents are divorced, death certificate if one or both parents are deceased, documentary evidence with regard to the legal guardianship/custody of the minor).

9. Personbevis of the child from Tax office ( Skatterverket). Applicable only for residents of Sweden. Must be provided in English.