Amendment of the Sri Lankan Passport

A Sri Lankan passport holder may apply for amendments of the data included in his/her passport and if the request is accepted by the Department of Immigration & Emigration, Sri Lanka, all such amendments will be included in the observation and alterations page.


Fee for the amendment of the passport

Per alteration/endorsement – SEK 115


Other fee applicable:

Please refer details on posting of documents by the Embassy for those opting for Remote Consular Services on “Services to Sri Lankan Citizens”.


  • Postage within Sweden – SEK 140 (single service fee)
  • Postage outside of Sweden – SEK 180 (single service fee)


Administrative charges :

  • Photocopies taken by the Embassy in case of non-submission of copies of original documents) – SEK 50
  • Bank fee (cross border transfer) – SEK 50


The Embassy does not accept PAYMENTS MADE BY CHEQUES. If paid by the Debit/Credit Cards (Only VISA and Master cards), Bank commission of 1.5% will be added to the payment.

Documents Required:

  1. Duly completed application form (Form ‘O’).

Fill the application using English Block Letters (Downloads).

Use individual forms per amendment necessary amendments


  1. Current Passport OR attested copies of the passport (Pages 2,3,4 & 5) by the Honorary Consul of the country of residence.(Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania & Gothenburg, Sweden)


  1. Documentary evidence to prove the accuracy of the alteration or amendment (original birth certificate/marriage certificate, etc.)

-Please note that an original Sri Lankan birth/marriage certificate or a certified copy of the original birth certificate should be issued by the Registrar General Department/ District Secretariat/ Divisional Secretariat only.

-English translation of Sri Lankan birth/marriage certificates nor e-DAS attested copies shall be considered as the original.

-If a married female applicant wishes to have her husband’s surname included/changed from maiden name in the passport, consequent to marriage and if such marriage registration has taken place outside Sri Lanka through a foreign authority, the English translation should be authenticated by the relevant country’s Foreign Ministry.

-Photocopies certified by the other parties and translators will not be accepted.


4.Valid residence permit OR attested copy of the residence permit card by the Honorary Consul of the country of residence.

-If the applicant is currently in the process of visa extension/renewal, a letter/status of the visa application from the resident country’s Migration Agency should be submitted. The letter must be in English/an English translation, counter-authenticated by the Foreign Ministry of the country of residence.

Photocopies certified by the other parties and translators will not be accepted.


  1. Letter from the applicant requesting the amendment of the passport


  1. In case of amendment of name on the passport of a minor, consent of both parents should be submitted.
  • All original documents as per the checklist should be submitted to the Embassy on your visit/by post.
  • If you wish to submit the application by post, please submit the application and the above-requested original documents by post/after attestation through Honorary Consul.
  • Applicants submitting applications using postal services should indicate the contact details (email address and contact number) clearly for ease of communications.
  • The payment for the amendment of the passport will only be requested once the Embassy has received the approval for the amendment of the passport from the Department of Immigration & Emigration.
  • The passport is returned to the applicant after perusal of application and documents. However, the applicant should submit the passport to the Embassy upon request of the Embassy in order to make the necessary amendment on receipt of approval for amendment of the passport from the competent authority.
  • Therefore do not make any payments until the Embassy has requested to do so, explicitly via email.

Submission of the application

  • For submission of the application at the Embassy, please obtain a prior appointment through Book here
  • For postal submissions;

Please ensure to state the name, email address and contact number clearly in your cover note.

Mailing Address :P.O.Box 24055 SE-114 56 Stockholm