Promotion of Ceylon Cinnamon in Stockholm 28 November 2019

On 21st October, the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Sweden in partnership with the Swedish Master Chef Carola Magnusson organized an event under the title, “Ceylon Cinnamon-more than just a Spice” at the Museum of Ethnography in Stockholm. The event was funded under the Economic Diplomacy Programme of the Economic Affairs division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The purpose of the event was to create more awareness about health benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon and to promote this unique spice in the Swedish market. The audience at the event consisted of trade representatives and Swedes who were eager to know more about Ceylon Cinnamon.

Cinnamon is widely used as a popular food ingredient in Sweden and plays a prominent role within the Swedish food culture. Sweden traditionally celebrates Cinnamon Bun Day on 4th October every year.  The main Cinnamon variety available in Sweden is Cassia Cinnamon which remains a substitute for Ceylon Cinnamon. In this context, the agenda of the event was set to highlight health benefits of Ceylon Cinnamon, giving more information to differentiate it from other Cinnamon varieties.

During his remarks, Ambassador Sudantha Ganegama Arachchi stated his intention to initiate a discussion about Ceylon Cinnamon in Sweden to develop and strengthen people to people contacts. To the audience, he introduced this initiative as “Cinnamon Diplomacy” and invited the participants to carry the message to their friends. Dr. Eva Myrdal, Senior Researcher, Research and Documentation at the World Culture Museums made a detailed presentation about the history of Cinnamon trade and how it became instrumental in shaping Sri Lankan history. In particular, she explained how Cinnamon attracted Western powers to Sri Lanka and laid the foundation for commercial trade links with the West.

Ms.Pegah Kabiri of the Embassy of Sri Lanka made a comprehensive presentation in Swedish language about Ceylon Cinnamon, giving details about the production process, its importance to the Sri Lankan export industry and its many uses in Swedish food culture. She also discussed the numerous medicinal values of Ceylon Cinnamon by quoting the findings of a peer review conducted by Mr.Hasitha Priyashantha, a PhD candidate at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and his team.

Ms. Carola Magnusson, Swedish Master Chef and a leading figure in Swedish organic food movement discussed her experience in using authentic Ceylon Cinnamon as a culinary expert. Ms.Magnusson learned about the unique culinary values of Ceylon Cinnamon when she was living in Sri Lanka twenty years ago, and since then she has been using only organic Ceylon Cinnamon in all her food preparations. Her inspiring presentation about Ceylon Cinnamon made a positive impression on Ceylon Cinnamon, encouraging the participants to use more of this unique spice.

Ceylon tea and Cinnamon buns made of using Ceylon Cinnamon were served to the guests at the conclusion of the event.


The Embassy of Sri Lanka


26th November 2019


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