Embassy of Sri Lanka in Stockholm Accredited to Kingdom of Sweden, Kingdom of Denmark, Republic of Estonia, Republic of Latvia and Republic of Lithuania.

The diplomatic relations between Sweden and Sri Lanka established on 18 November 1949 and fully fledged Sri Lankan Embassy in Sweden was opened on 28th September 1970. Embassy of Sri Lanka in Stockholm concurrently accredited to the Kingdom of Denmark and Sri Lanka established diplomatic relations with Denmark on the 5th of January 1953. Sri Lanka recognized Estonia on 10 October 1991, and diplomatic relations were established on 31 January 1996. Ambassador of Sri Lanka in Stockholm is concurrently accredited to the Republic of Estonia by residence in Stockholm. Similarly, this Embassy concurrently accredited to Republic of Latvia and Republic of Lithuania where Sri Lanka established the Diplomatic Relations on 19th September 1996 and 20th August 1996 respectively.

Chancery of the Embassy of Sri Lanka situated at its own property at a prime location in Stockholm city known as Strandvägen which is one of well recognized street.

Embassy has appointed Honorary Consuls in Accredited countries and two main cities in Sweden.

Sweden (Gotenburg)

Mr Thomas Myren
Bessemergatan 4,
417 07, Gothenburg, Sweden
+46 317 111206, +46 708 420491

Sweden (Malmö-Helsingburg)

Mr Jan Hojman
Wachtmeistersvag 25,
25284, Helsingburg,
+46 424 242321


Mr. Peter Nielsen Grondahl (CG)
Blokken 17, 1st floor,
DK-3460, Birkeroed,
Denmark + 45 401 34513
+45 2843 0251


Mr Vallo Paal Jr
Suur-Sepa Str 3-15, Viimsi 74001,
Jarju County,
+37 253 432844


Mr Arnis Anchupans
Visbijas 7, Riga,
LV-1014, Latvia
+37 173 03090
+37 129 227623


Mr Elijus Burgis
C/O COBALT, Lvovo 25, (6th Floor),
LT-09320, Vilnius,
+37 052500800
+37 052500802