1. Any document issued by the Sri Lankan Institutions should be attested by the Consular Affairs Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka through Electronic Documents Attestation System and needed to produce the electronic customer copy.
  2. Embassy will provide Electronic Document Attestation Service from Consular Affairs Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka for any document issued by the Sri Lankan Institutions which has been not attested previously through Electronic Document Attestation system subjected to the payment of relevant fee.
  3. Any document issued by a foreign authority or agency will accept for attestation ONLY IF such document is attested by the Foreign Ministry of the document issued country.
  4. Only Sri Lankan Citizens could sign Documents / Declarations such as a Power of Attorney or Affidavits before a Justice of Peace, Diplomatic officers are authorized under the Consular Functions act to provide this service subjected to pay the relevant fee at the Embassy. Person who is sign the document must present in person with his Sri Lankan Passport and valid visa (or Valid Dual Citizenship certificate) to the embassy together with two witnesses (who are Sri Lankan Passport Holders).
  • Relevant official documents should be produced to substantiate the facts given in an Affidavit or a Power of Attorney. In the event of relevant official documents not being produced to substantiate the facts contained in an Affidavit or a Power of Attorney such an Affidavit or a Power of Attorney will not be considered for Attestation.
  • Affidavits produced to substantiate the alterations made in identification documents issued by the Government such as Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Death Certificates, Passports, Driving Licenses, National Identity Cards etc. will be attested only if the alterations have been made in the original documents and certified by the issuing authority.
  • Attestation of Documents / Declarations such as Affidavit or Power of Attorney signed by a Foreign Citizen are accepted to attest only if such document certified by a authorized authority (Notary) of the country of his /her residence. Those documents must have to be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of Residence of the applicant, prior to produce to the Embassy for attestation.


Attestation, Certification and Authentication (Legalization) of Documents


1 Caveat Order SEK 314
2 Attestation of Documents as a Justice of Peace SEK 712
3 Swearing or affirming an affidavit SEK 712
4 Administering an oath or affirmation SEK 712
5 Attestation of Power of Attorney or Proxy SEK 712
6 Issuance of certified copy SEK 126
7 Attestation of a document (except Export Documents and Education Certificates)
a. If the document owner is a Sri Lankan National SEK 450
b. If the document owner is a Foreign National SEK 492
8 Attestation of Educational Certificates SEK 126
9 Attestation of set of Export Documents SEK 628
10 Attestation of a Last Will SEK 680
11 All Certificates including life certificates furnished by Sri Lankan Pensioners for pension purpose Free of Charge
12 Documents relating to burial/cremation of human remains Free of Charge
13 Documents relating to burial/cremation of human remains Free of Charge
14 Documents relating to the dispatch of human remains to Sri Lanka Free of Charge
15 Issuance of a letter to repatriate of human remains or ashes of an Ex-Sri Lankan SEK 314
16 Issuance of all other letters/certificates

(a) If the document owner is a Sri Lankan national                                                   SEK 450

(b) If the document owner is a foreign national                                                         SEK 524

17 Confirmation of SL Driving License to obtain EU or Foreign Driving License           SEK 628

18 Issuance of No Objection letter                                                                                             SEK 314

Getting Service through post:

  1. All the original documents / applications must attach and applicant must singed in front of the Honorary Consul appointed by the Government of Sri Lanka for the particular country or region. Applicant must ensure that the Honorary Consul signed at the relevant places of all the documents / Applications.
  2. Relevant fee must pay to the Embassy bank account (Details given below) and attach the receipt of the payment to the application / Document.

Applicant must pay additional banking charges as follows;

  • If paid in Sweden in Swedish Kroner: No Bank Fee
  • If paid in a country other than Sweden: SEK 50 (Cross Border Transaction fee)


Postal Charges:

SWEDEN        SEK 140:-

DENMARK     SEK 180:-

ESTONIA        SEK 180:-

LATVIA           SEK 180:-






  • The payments must be made on the the confirmation of application.
  • Payments will be INVALIDATED, if any applicant have NOT completed the prior requirements of their application within 3 months.
  • The Embassy does not accept PAYMENTS MADE BY CHEQUES. If paid by the Debit/Credit Cards (Only accept VISA and Master cards), Bank commission of 1.5% will be added to the payment.
  • Please note that according to the financial regulations of Sri Lanka, the fee paid will NOT be refunded.
  • Applications are required to post to the following address. (Please do not address the cover to personal names of the staff members of the Embassy). Please note that Embassy will NOT take any responsibility to the documents which has NOT duly received to the Embassy Premises.


Mailing Address:

Embassy of Sri Lanka

P.O.Box 24055

SE-114 56




General Contact Details:

Only During 09.00 — 13.00 Hours from Monday to Friday except Holidays

Tel: +46 (8) 663 65 23/25

E-mail: slemb.stockholm@mfa.gov.lk

Website: www.stockholm.embassy.gov.lk



Please obtain an online appointment from embassy website prior to visit to the Embassy.

Visiting Address:

Embassy of Sri Lanka

Strandvägen 39, Ground Floor

SE-114 56 Stockholm