Registration of citizenship of children born outside Sri Lanka to Sri Lankan parents can be registered through the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Stockholm. At least one parent must be a citizen of Sri Lanka or should have dual citizenship at the time of the child’s birth.


Registration within 03 months of childbirth: The declaration should be submitted within three months of such birth to the Diplomatic / Consular officer of the Embassy.


Registration within (03) to (12) months of childbirth: After three months and within one year the Diplomatic / Consular officer will record the reason for the delay and continue the registration.


Registration after (12) months of childbirth: After one year of the birth, if the registration for birth has not taken place, the application for late registration is forwarded to the Registrar General Department (Central Record Room of the Registrar General’s Department, Colombo) to obtain the approval. This process is not immediate and can take up to a few months for the Embassy to receive the approval for birth registration from the competent authority.


The Citizenship and the Passport applications will only be processed and forwarded to the relevant Department upon the issuance of a Consular Birth Certificate to the child.


The Citizenship Division of the Department of Immigration and Emigration will process the applications and issue the certificates to the Embassy for onward transmission to the applicant.


  • Documents concerning registrations for Birth & Citizenship should be submitted by one of the parents or the legal guardian.


  • If the mother is not present at the Embassy to submit the application, please note that the father of the child is required to present himself for the registration of the birth of the child. Mother’s presence is not compulsory.


  • If Declarant is living in Sweden or one of the accredited countries, the application for registration of a Birth & Citizenship should be submitted to the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Stockholm.


  • Applicants who cannot visit the Embassy in Stockholm, please find details on available Consular Services


  • Applicants are requested to get an appointment prior to visit to the Embassy Book here


  • A minimum of two back-to-back appointments are encouraged for submissions of Birth, Citizenship and Passport applications for the child.


  • Please note that Sri Lankan certificates (birth and marriage certificates) should be issued by the Registrar General Department/ District Secretariat/ Divisional Secretariat only.

-English translation of the neither birth certificate nor e-DAS attested copy shall be considered as the original.

-Photocopies certified by the other parties and translators will not be accepted.


  • English translations of documents issued by foreign authorities should be produced for all foreign documents, authenticated by the relevant Foreign Ministry


1.1 Duly filled Application form Citizenship I (within one-year of child birth)
1.2 Duly filled Application form Citizenship I (after one-year of child birth)
02 Original Overseas Birth Certificate/Population Registry Extract of the Child (Issued by the relevant authorities in the country of birth- in English)
03 Original Birth Certificates of the parents OR attested copies by the Honorary Consul of the country of residence (Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania & Gothenburg, Sweden)
04 Original Marriage Certificate of the parents OR attested copies by the Honorary Consul of the country of residence
05 Sri Lankan Passports of the parents OR attested copies by the Honorary Consul of the country of residence
06 Original Visa of the parents OR attested copies by the Honorary Consul of the country of residence

  • If the applicant is currently in the process of visa extension/renewal, a letter/status of the visa application from the resident country’s Migration Agency should be submitted. The letter must be in English/an English translation, counter-authenticated by the Foreign Ministry of the country of residence.
  • Photocopies certified by the other parties and translators will not be accepted
07 Original visa of the child (IF available) OR attested copies by the Honorary Consul of the country of residence
08 Dual Citizenship Certificate and foreign passport OR attested copies of the dual citizenship certificate and the foreign passport by the Honorary Consul of the country of residence
09 In case if application is made after three months of childbirth; Reasons for Non-Registration of birth & citizenship of child within three (03) months
10 Affidavit relating to Paternity/Maternity should be submitted by parents who were unmarried at the time of childbirth



Fee for the Registration of Citizenship – SEK 615

Delayed surcharges (Registrations over one year of child birth) – SEK 60 per year


Other fee applicable:

Please refer details on posting of documents by the Embassy for those opting for Remote Consular Services on “Services to Sri Lankan Citizens”.


Postage within Sweden – SEK 140 (single service fee)

Postage outside of Sweden – SEK 180 (single service fee)


Administrative charges:

Photocopies taken by the Embassy in case of non-submission of copies of original documents) – SEK 50

Bank fee (cross border transfer) – SEK 50


The Embassy does not accept PAYMENTS MADE BY CHEQUES. If paid by the Debit/Credit Cards (Only VISA and Master cards), Bank commission of 1.5% will be added to the payment

Registration of Sri Lankan Citizenship after completion of 21-years of age for those born outside Sri Lanka

The registration of citizenship for a candidate born outside Sri Lanka upon completion of 21-years of age can be registered under Section 11 of the Citizenship Act.



However, the submission of the application should be made directly to the Citizenship Division at the Department of Immigration & Emigration, Colombo.


The applicant should submit the following documents along with the application for Citizenship Registration;

  • Original birth certificate (English translations are not accepted).
  • The original marriage certificate of the candidate’s parents obtained from the appropriate District Registrar of Marriages or the Registrar General.
  • The original birth certificate of the candidate’s Mother / Father
  • The original birth certificate of the candidate’s Maternal / Paternal Grandfather
  • Candidate’s passport or any other travel document that they possess.
  • Residence certificate / GramaNiladhari’s residence certificate (this certificate should be counter-signed by the Divisional Secretariat)
  • If the candidate is unable to obtain and forward any certificate of birth asked for in the above (section 3 or 4) he/ she should forward the result of search sent to them by the appropriate District Registrar in reply to their application.
  • Candidate is also requested to forward a statement of the periods of their absence from Sri Lanka, indicating the countries resided in and reason for residence abroad.
  • The candidate should also let the Department know whether the candidate has been registered as a citizen of India or whether an application for registration for citizenship of India been made at the High Commission for India in Sri Lanka.